Ways to Use Briquette Coal Efficiently and Correctly

Briquette coal, colloquially squeezed or pressed coal, has a different structure compared to normal natural wood coals. Briquette coals are fabricated coals. They are recycling products. It is obtained by compressing various trees or carbonized biological waste dusts under high pressure by adding various binders. They are more efficient, longer burning, higher caloric coals than natural woody coals due to their compression ratio and carbon structure. These new generation coals are preferred more because they are efficient and clean. However, when the briquette coals are used like the woody coals we used before, the efficiency drops considerably and the correct results cannot be obtained.

One of the mistakes usually made is to break the briquette coals into pieces. Briquette coals should never be broken during use. Briquette coal has low volatility due to its structure. In other words, it burns slowly and internally. When the briquette coal is broken, it loses this special holey structure and is exposed to more oxygen. runs out faster. Another common mistake is to burn briquette coals together with quick-igniting and fast-burning coals. Even if you ignite with quick-ignition coals, you should separate them from other coals after the briquette coal is ignited. expires in time. Another common mistake is to use briquette coals in a place where there is a lot of wind. Furnaces that receive wind provide more oxygen to the briquettes.

It is a common mistake to put the briquette coals on top of each other and very tightly together. If you arrange the briquette coals in your furnace in this way, the coals come into contact with each other and have a higher chemical reaction. It is recommended to place the coals spaced apart when laying them.

Using the hood on the briquette coals at a high level is one of the mistakes made by the fireside masters. Using the hood at a high level provides a high air suction power on the stove and causes the coal to be consumed quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to use the hood at medium and low levels of drafting power.

It is an old habit to blow briquette coals constantly, like those who burn woody coals. After the briquette coals are ignited, no intervention is required. It gives its last heat until it is used up.

It will be a big mistake to use briquette coals in stoves with a very small depth. In a barbecue with a small depth, it will cause your meat to burn due to the high calories of briquette coals. For this reason, using it in deep barbecues will provide a fast and even cooking and make your work easier.

It is a very common mistake to constantly turn and tamper with the tongs while using briquette coals. After the briquette coals start to turn white, no intervention is required.

Our last recommendation is to cover the coals with ash when using briquette coals in your barbecue, if you do not have a customer or if you are temporarily finished with the barbecue. This method will cause the coals to sleep and will allow you to use them longer. You can do the same method even if the fire is too much. You will prevent the intense heat that comes out.