Mistakes Made While Using Briquette Charcoal

Briquette coal, colloquially squeezed or pressed coal, has a different structure compared to normal natural wood coals. Briquette coals are fabricated coals. They are more efficient, longer burning, more caloric coals than natural woody coals due to their natural structure, compression ratio and carbon structure.

When using briquette coals, efficiency cannot be obtained due to the very wrong use.

If we come to the wrong usage examples;

– Briquette coals break like normal woody coals
– Making briquette coals mixed with quick and quick burning coals
– Using briquette coals in a very windy place
– Using the hood at a high level when using briquette coals
– Continuous blowing of briquette coals
– Using briquette coals in furnaces with a very shallow depth
– Constantly turning and tampering with tongs while using briquette coals
– Putting the briquette coals on top of each other and very tightly together.

If you are making such misuses, stop these behaviors immediately. This type of use allows to end the life of the briquette coal in a short time. You cannot see its real performance. And in some cases, the blame is put on the coal. However, the best quality coal is also the worst quality briquette coal for a minimum of 4 hours. If you stay under this time, you need to change your usage style.

In our next article, we will give information about the correct use of briquette coals.


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