Mondol Premium

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Type: Pressed Charcoal
Weight: 10 Kg.
Packaging: Double Sided Kraft High Quality Box
Quality: A
Raw Material: Cuban (Marabu) Wood Charcoal Powder
Origin: Imported
Shape: Hexagonal Hole
Heat Value: Min 6900Kcal
Carbon Ratio: 80%
Ash Color: Dark Gray – Light Gray


Cuban (Marabu) Bio Briquette Charcoal is produced by compressing the charcoal of the hard and high calorie MARABU tree, which grows in imported Cuban and Tropical regions, under high pressure. Since its raw material is biological, it does not release toxic gases when burning. There is no carcinogenic risk because toxic gases do not touch your meat. , does not cause smoke and odor. It can be easily used indoors. It can be used in outdoor barbecues for heating purposes. It does not contain any chemicals. It has a burning time of 4-5 hours and more, an effective cooking time of 3-4 hours. It has high calories. Its carbon content is high. The ash rate is 15%.